Additional Features

Better Care for Business


  1. Elite Health employers will have access to claims information.
  2. Reporting capabilities are driven by a combination of technology platforms including EZView (Qlikview)
  3. Reporting packages will consist of two types of data:
    1. Financial ā€“ frequency will be monthly
    2. Utilization ā€“ frequency of package delivery will be annual or bi-annual dependent upon client size and funding arrangement
  4. Please note: EZView is updated on a monthly basis with one month of lag and can be accessed via dedicated KBA client service representative upon request.

Unique Contract Provisions

  1. 30 Day Guarantee
    1. St. Elizabeth Healthcare: If an Elite Health plan participant is admitted to a St. Eā€™s facility and re-admitted for the same diagnosis within 30 days any fee connected with the second admission will be waived
  2. TeleMed
    1. When available, Elite Health plan participants will be able to schedule telemedicine visits direct with their designated PCP within the tier 1 network
    2. At the employer level, Elite Health will include an option to purchase a national telemedicine platform.