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Elite Health is a community based solution to combat rising health care costs and is powered by top tier local providers St. Elizabeth Healthcare, TriHealth, Cincinnati Children’s, Kettering Medical Center, local independent specialty practices, and a national wrap network to allow plan participants to seek care at a provider of their own choice.

Elite Health is a unique health plan that improves healthcare cost by addressing your plan’s primary cost drivers. Our solution is the result of a collaborative effort by some of the nation’s most innovative, well-respected healthcare organizations and population health management programs. Together we have created an integrated approach that allows employers to control healthcare costs from every angle.


Elite Health’s purpose is to collaborate to improve the health of the community by bringing a unique health solution to create better care for businesses in our local areas.


High quality, cost effective physicians

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Highest Quality Medical Providers

Our benefit plan network includes tier one providers, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, TriHealth, Cincinnati Children’s, Kettering Medical Center and numerous local independent specialty practices. The 5,500+ tier one providers are wrapped locally and nationally by First Health Network allowing plan participants to seek care at the provider of their choice.

  • Access to lowest cost provider network in Northern Kentucky & Greater Cincinnati
  • Receive best-in-class service through recognizable local providers.
  • More than 30 plan design options.
  • Prescription drug benefits with several industry leading PBMs.
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Elite Health is an integrated healthcare management system that delivers high quality, cost effective results. Combining the skills of highly trained healthcare providers and facilities, benefit plan administration, risk management and population health professionals to provide COMPLETE healthcare effectiveness. Results are better simply because everyone is working on the same team!

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To learn more about this ground-breaking approach to quality improvement and clinical cost containment through a unique partnership between employers and healthcare providers please give us a call today at: (855)-629-6953